Stop Making Excuses, If You Want To Achieve Success


Excuses – The main reason of not being successfull

The main reason of not being successful is giving excuses. People are so engraved in giving excuses that they don’t even realize they are not fooling others but theirs owns elf, their own dreams and goals of life.

For every incomplete work their are series of excuses. Once you start giving excuses you stop working towards particular thing and build more excuses to hide your mistakes and run away from your responsibilities.  It makes you weaker from inside not letting you grow and discover new things.

No excuses are welcomed in once lifetime, if you have determination of doing something great. The more you give excuses you start building walls to your own self and putting yourself in darkness. The impact of giving excuses may ruin your dreams and self confidence to achieve them for lifetime.

Excuses blocks your capacity and thinking power

Your own thought pattern may lead to destruction of your dreams and goals. The main reason why excuses arise is because of fear,anxiety, lack of support and confidence of not able to do it. You have to verse yourself for facing your fears and move forward.

The moment you start giving excuses, you are blocking the capacity and thinking power of your own mind.

You start feeding your subconscious mind with negative thoughts in no time and you feel depressed of not able to do anything. You start regretting of not using the opportunity which was at your door step.

Stop making excuses and Start facing your problems

One has to realize that escaping from temporary problems may lead to lifetime regrets which may always kill you for not achieving it when you could.

So don’t escape from your problems by making excuses, rather face them. Becoz Nothing is impossible by a willing heart -you just have to make up your mind and no excuses will bother you anymore. You have to fight with your own demons.

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I’m a simple women with lot of dreams to make them real. I believe in learning everyday, everywhere. I’m not a professional writer. But i write to feel real and alive and find myself when I’m lost. I’m more of introvert and complacent soul trying to shower my words and turn them into reality. Believer of karma. If i will have to tell anything then it would be-"accept yourself first and love yourself and be your favourite." Life is the best teacher. Nature gives you everything at right time and everything happens for a reason ,so never let your hopes die.


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