Self Motivation – The Best Form Of Motivation


Inspiration and Motivation are just not words. They carry power in them, to drop and spread among crowds. And Self Motivation is the best form of motivation.

Well these words are used only among the huge gatherings and by elderly people. Are they supposed to act and leave their imprints only when told by great people or are they written in books just to make them beautiful.

How Do You Get Motivation ?

How would anyone be made powerful just by some words? How does one’s life change just by few of these words. If that is how it works no one would work hard, no one would toil from dusk to dawn.

From Where Do You Get Motivation ?

How does motivation helps one grow? How do words act and leave their impact on one’s life and push them towards what they are searching for is what you call motivation? Or someone special comes and tell you do this, do that, this will take you here, that will take you there.

How Much Important Is Motivation ?

Motivation is important in life. And it works differently in each case. Sometimes its external and sometimes its internal. The most which leaves impact is internal. To some extent one can motivate a person but that doesn’t stay longer. It looses its power with time and you land up on the same platform where you were in the past.

Is Self Motivation Helpful ?

Self motivation is the best. I agree that its a lengthy process and may take long time to change things and perspective towards dealing life and accepting reality. They say best comes from ones own self, they need to be digged with lot of patience and care to yield the right results.

Until and unless you don’t experience this from inside your ownself, it would be difficult to follow this powerful words called ‘’Motivation and Inspiration”.
To build yourself from inside you ought to know yourself from within. You need to spend some time for yourself, may be you yourself can inspire you and change your life rather waiting for someone else to do for you. And the results you yield will be more fruitful.

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I’m a simple women with lot of dreams to make them real. I believe in learning everyday, everywhere. I’m not a professional writer. But i write to feel real and alive and find myself when I’m lost. I’m more of introvert and complacent soul trying to shower my words and turn them into reality. Believer of karma. If i will have to tell anything then it would be-"accept yourself first and love yourself and be your favourite." Life is the best teacher. Nature gives you everything at right time and everything happens for a reason ,so never let your hopes die.


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