Origin Of Thoughts. From Where Thoughts Are Coming In Our Mind

All of us sometimes think that where these thoughts are coming from? What is the origin of thoughts? How does our brain keeps producing thoughts for 24 hours? That means, every moment, some thoughts are coming in our brain. Yes, today I will tell you where these thoughts come from.

Past and future are the origin of thoughts

We all have past memories. Someone has more bad past memories and someone has  more good past memories. And we all are also worried about the future, how our future will be, we are concerned about the future, whether we will get a good job or not, so far etc. And all these things create thoughts. If we are happy about the future then good thoughts will come in our mind that we will do this in the future, we will go around here etc. But if we are worried about the future, then we will have bad thoughts about how we will survive in the future. If our job is not good then how will we survive after marriage?
Yes, in the same way we also remember our past. Whether good or bad, and accordingly, we have good or bad thoughts in our mind.


So we should try that we focus on our present. Then our mind will remain silent. Too Less thoughts will come. And if even then the thoughts come, they will be about the work that is currently being done. Yes, we should focus on the present with complete determination, which will give us success and we will always be happy.

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Sunil Dhiman
I am a Software Professional. But sometimes i also write articles related to motivation, inspiration and life. I want to inspire and motivate people to achieve success in life. I would be happy if someone look at me and say "i didnt give up only becoz of you".


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