How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts.


Why negative thoughts are coming ?

How we can keep ourselves away from bad or negative thoughts. First of all, it is necessary to find out that why these negative thoughts are coming into our mind? Because negative
thoughts start coming to our mind only when something bad happened to us or maybe something happened that just looks bad on us but is not bad in reality. So first of all we have to find out why we are upset. And if we find out why we are upset, then we can easily get rid of negative thoughts. And assume we have come to know that why negative thoughts are  coming to our mind, first of all try to understand that whatever has happened with us, it has happened, it has gone, its become our past now, so now why are we thinking about it ?

Try to Understand what I am going to explain.
Let’s assume something went wrong with us. Now there can be two reasons. Firstly it was our mistake. And secondly it was not our fault. Now I will tell you in both situations how to get rid of negative thoughts.

The first reason, That was our mistake

We assume that the mistake was ours. Suppose we have done something wrong, and if we have also asked for forgiveness for it from our friend or relative or to whoever our problem is related to. So why are we getting bothered? Friends! We have done our work on our behalf. Now its upto that person if he has very good relations with us or that means we have a strong relationship with him and he considers us as his own. And if he does not want to lose us, then he will forgive us.

And if he wants to get rid of us, that means he hates us, he will not forgive, because he would have been  waiting for some  excuse as if he had a chance that we make a mistake and he could finish his relationship with us. After that we will not forgive our self even if we lost our self respect for him. Understand this if someone believe in ourself then he will forgive us for every big mistake of ours. And if not, then he will find excuses  even by our smallest mistakes and will end the relationship. We should just think that we have tried on our behalf. And now we are right in our own, we should think that what is our fault? What we have done wrong? Believe it, we are so miserable that we think that what was the reason behind it. Just because of this, bad thoughts start coming to our mind. So we just have to think that we did what was right. We are right in our own. And then you will  see that the positive energy has started to come out  from within us and the bad thoughts will go far away.

Second reason, That was not our mistake

Many times it happens with all of us that we are right in our own, even then the person in front misunderstands us. And we regret that why this happened with us. At all times, it seems that maybe it was our own mistake. And for this reason we become unhappy. Negative  thoughts start to come in our brains. So if we are right in our place then we do not have to think about it and we only have to think that what we did is right and nothing else. Then we will not even know where bad thoughts will go and we will start living a normal life like before.


So what is conclusion is when there is a mistake from our side, then do your best effort to apologize for it, but if the person in front is misunderstanding us, then we have to stop thinking about that. And need to keep ourself busy as much as we can in doing what we likes most and then we will notice that we have forgotten that we were unhappy. And we will feel good in ourself.



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