How To Change Your Thoughts

how to change your thoughts

Focus is very important for changing thoughts

How we can change our views or thoughts. If we want to change our thoughts, then focus is very important for them. Because if we learn to focus on anything, thoughts will start to change itself.

Yes, if we focus our attention on our past then our ideas get mixed. It means that some good ideas and some bad thoughts will always remain in our mind as long as we keep focusing on our past. So, stop focusing on the past. And concentrate on the present completely. Because if we focus on the present then our mind will get the same ideas as we are working. So bad thoughts will be very few in our brain.

What will be the advantage of paying attention to the present ?

It’s that we will get better in our work and also become successful. And secondly, do not think about the future. Because if we think about the future, then there will be thousands of such ideas that will be related to our career and if at present we do not have a good job, then millions of crores of bad ideas will start coming to our mind  about the future. Yes, these are the only two reasons that good thoughts do not come to our mind and bad thoughts are plentiful.


In Short, we should neither think about the past nor the future. And yes, if we want to think about the past then think but just for that what we learned from those things, so that we can do better in the future. So friends, just focus on the present and believe in yourself that whatever I am doing is correct and in the future it will be good with me. Then see how positive energy will start flowing in our mind and we will start feeling positive.



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