Stop Overthinking If You Want To Be Happy In Your Life


Overthinking destroys your thinking power

“Think before you speak” – goes good. But when the thinking turns into overthinking it leads to destruction. It destructs one’s own life and kill you gradually and you don’t even realise how grossly it works.
Overthinking leads you no where. It instead destroys your thinking power and capacity. Until you don’t have control over your thoughts, your thoughts will control you and you will be a slave to your own mind which is not healthy for one’s way of living.

Overthinking creates a lot of problems that were not even there

Overthinking creates lots of false images. It takes to situation which doesn’t even take place. Even a small problem looks big when you are trapped by over thinking. You are urged to think so much on a simple topic that you forget the real view of the thing or situation and it seems unavoidable and most difficult to you. It blocks your views and thoughts of finding a solution to a problem and you will just end up thinking about it, instead of finding solutions to it. Its a hurdle in the process of growth. One doesn’t even realise that he/she is captivated by their own thinking to such an extent that, over thinking seems normal to them.
It leads to lot of stress and strain thinking in unhealthy way. The way you think will appear in front of you. They say – problems don’t exist, its our mind and thoughts who create it. Let be any thoughts, situations, look upon them in a simple way and everything becomes easier.

Everything starts with thinking and ends with over thinking

What you feed your mind, will appear in your actions and this will affect your life to great extent. When you try to think positively but you don’t know how to, and then again you start over thinking upon the topic and you lead to some other problem created by yourself
One need to know the difference between thinking and overthinking. Only then it will serve the purpose of one’s life.
You need to change your thinking patterns by doing lot of mental exercises like meditation, selftalks, keeping yourself busy.
Its true that- “its all in the mind”. So let the mind relax and think and not overthink.

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